If you have a property which you would like to sell or rent, we will:

  • View your property and give you a correct market valuation.
  • Advise you on the best way of how to prepare your property to attract buyers and tenants.
  • Market & prospect your property.
  • Accompany prospective buyers/tenants to the property.
  • Negotiate terms of purchase/lease on successful introduction of a purchaser/tenant.
  • Assist in the successful signing of convenium and contract of sale/lease agreement.
  • Our Motto - "Keeping it affordable & in its Realistic Market Value"
  • Keeping it affordable & in its Realistic Market Value

If you are looking at buying or renting a property:

  • We carefully go through our database of properties to identify the most suitable properties, which meet your requirements and accompany you to view these properties.
  • We provide assistance in presenting your offer and negotiate a satisfactory price, terms and conditions with the owners.
  • Through special arrangements that we have with leading Local Banks we can assist in securing the best loan packages, which meet your needs, should you require a Bank Loan to finance the acquisition of the property.
  • We ensure that the notary has all documents & assistance he requires as well as following up any permits which may be required from Government Departments or lending institutions.
  • We assist you in successfully signing the final deed of sale and lease agreements ensuring a totally trouble free conclusion.
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